I found this review at Amazon. I could not give up Evernote. It is the by far the most powerful, in my opinion and is well worth the $45 a year for those of us who are power users. 
Evernote Pros:
This is a great app, for a service that has been around for awhile. It works well, and the combination of this with the premium service is, well, powerful. I think it's clear at this point that Evernote is a solid piece of software, making a lot of peoples lives easier. The searching capabilities, sharing, and OCR push it to the next level. The UI is simple to use, and it really is easy to figure everything out.

Evernote Cons:
It has a pretty large install size for a note taking app, amazons version is way bigger than straight off the android market. And the terms of service, if actually read, would turn a lot of people off. The premium services are nice, but I don't know many who can justify $45 a year on them.

That's right, Evernote is not the only one at this block-party. It's been around so long, and well marketed, that I think services like springpad and catch are still in the midst of trying to get peoples attention. They all do basic note taking and organization well. I think most people would be satisfied with any of these services. It really might take you trying each, to find the one you like the most. Id like to urge people to try these other services, as I really do like springpad better than Evernote. Catch has a pretty plain ui as well, and does work well, but it wasn't for me. If the premium services for Evernote weren't $50/year it would be a no-brainer. But the fact of the matter is that they are. And for us, amateurs ;)...who refuse to drop that kind of dough on something like Evernote. The playing field becomes completely level...

Springpad's website has been great, easy to use..very customizable, and a lot of options. I was already in love with this service, then out of no where the company released a ground-breaking ui overhaul, especially concerning the springpad mobile app. It's amazing now, looks exactly like what appears on the website. Works extremely well, smooth, auto-syncing..and easy to share to and from it. The widgets in my opinion are better than evernotes, and i enjoy using this application a lot more as well. It has everything I'd ever want, Springpad ftw.


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