Even old people need to use Evernote

I started using Evernote way back in January 2011 and was so impressed with this program that I started this Google blog.  I saw this as a place to share some of the most exciting information about Evernote. I then worked through Twitter to show my followers links to the notes I had been writing in this blog. Time marched on. Many happenings in my life lead me away for having a need to use Evernote. I stopped inputting information into this blog.
The pace of life has slowed for me now, as I near my 77th birthday. This slow down allowed me to realize that I again needed a way to organize all the materials, photos, information, and pearls of wisdom I had gathered together over the years I have spent on this earth. So there it was, seventy-seven years of stuff to organize in a way that allows this old man easy access. The solution - give the job to Evernote - because I just do not want to work as hard as I did when I was younger.
"Eternity is not future or past. Eternity is a dimensio…

9 unconventional tips

9 unconventional tips that have helped me manage my time far more effectively: Ditch the smartphone and use a paper and pen. Just because a method is more technologically advanced does not necessarily make it more effective. In my opinion, nothing beats a good old-fashioned notebook and pen – it’s clunky, annoying, inconvenient and therefore difficult to ignore. I could always place my smartphone in my pocket, and I often do. Unless I’m wearing some sort of MC Hammer-style parachute pants, I can’t put my to-do list notebook in my pocket – nor should I. The annoyance factor is what makes it so powerful. Use a to-do list template. Since your end goal is to manage your time more effectively, it would be ridiculous to spend a ton of time writing out your most common to-do list items each day. I created my own to-do list template which includes all of my daily tasks. This ensures I don’t spend time writing them down, and I can schedule them in with my more unique tasks that I only have to p…

Ways to Make Information More Useful with Evernote

About a year ago JD Meier wrote in his blog about "10 Ways to Make Information More Useful"
It was full of ideas but I decided to curate his post specifically for newer Evernote users.
He took an interesting look at information seeing it as a continuum, flowing from data to information to knowledge to insight to wisdom. And Iknow we all want to be wise.Evernote is is the greatest tool I know of to funnel data down the path to knowledge and simplify information.
Here are some ways he suggests we do that: Be specific.Specific is better than the general. It’s more insightful and you will be more able to take action using the information. One way to be specific is to use examples. Examples make it concrete and they make it real. For example, would you rather know that you could change some practices to improve your health, or would you like to know “9 ways to add 12 years to your life”?Make it “glance and go”over “stop and stare.” One of the tests  is to think, “I don’t want to work…

Putting books away you don't want to forget about

Recently I was organizing my den and realized it was filled with book I would not be getting to for awhile. I had a hard time deciding to move then to a box out of the way in the garage. I knew as soon as I did that I would want to get one of them for a reference. And at least look at the Table of Contents to see what can be found in the book. Then, bam, the idea hit me. 

Make an Evernote notebook called Books in the Garage and then take a picture with my smartphone of the cover and then the table of contents of books I want cleared from my den. Send the pictures to my Index notebook in Evernote. Click on one of the pictures and shift click on the second one. A window opens up  allowing you to merge the two notes into one. Now place the new note containing the new combined note into the books in the garage notebook, getting a good amount of space for new books. Oh no, here we go again. More books to record and put in Evernote.

Chrome's Evernote Web Clipper very powerful

Chrome's Evernote Web Clipper
Forget about bookmarks and open tabs, save the actual web page - text, links, images and all with a single click.Chrome clipper even lets you search through your notes. Select one of the following ways to move web page material into Evernote:Article clips: Click the extension when viewing a blog or news site, and it will automatically save the whole article • Selection clips: Highlight the text, links and images that you want to save, then click the extension• Full page clips: Grab the entire page with a single click• Links only: Choose the Clip URL option to grab just the link• Clip to your notebooks or shared notebooks where you have permission to modify.• Clip PDF's you view in Chrome directly into Evernote.Related notes:Evernote Web Clipper finds up to three notes in your account that are related to the page you just clipped and presents them in the clip notification view.Find clips from this site:Easily find all clips from the same site. Rela…

Huge number of notes - Extended search needed

Evernote Users with a huge number of notes:  Extended Search Syntax a must OverviewEvernote's search grammar is a simple list of terms which are evaluated within a notebook (or "all notebooks") to find a match. By default, the search results are the intersection of the notes that match each individual search term. This behavior changes if the "any:" modifier is found in the search. In this case, the search is executed as a union of the matches of the individual terms, and notes will be returned that match any of the criteria terms. The results are obviously identical if there is only one search term. String matches are case insensitive, and multiple spaces will compare as if they were a single space. The search grammar includes a set of advanced search expressions in the form of "modifier:argument". A note will match this expression if the appropriate condition is met. The matching terms vary by the type of the modifier, so that a date may be compared dif…